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eye wide open
her story writes itself
from Rob Brezsny, the spy 
7th-Sep-2010 01:12 pm

The revised and expanded version of my book *PRONOIA IS THE
ANTIDOTE FOR PARANOIA* is available at Amazon:

Below is an excerpt. It's from the piece called "Subterranean Pronoia Therapy."

1. No matter how holy and good, everyone in the world has a portion of
the world's sickness inside them. It's known by many names: neurosis,
shadow, demon, devil. Many people try to deny that it inhabits them.
Others acknowledge its power so readily that they allow themselves to be
overwhelmed and distorted by it. At the Beauty and Truth Lab, we take a
position between those two positions. We accept the fact that the evil is
part of us, but treat it with compassionate amusement and flexible
vigilance. Our stance is partly that of loving parents and partly that of

Once you make a commitment to explore the mysteries of pronoia, your
shadow will try to play tricks on you that it has never tried before. How
will you respond? We recommend an aggressive, tender, improvisational
approach. Be ready for anything. Avoid both blithe excesses of tolerance
and grave fundamentalism.

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